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About WISA International Consulting Ltd
Completing an internship abroad is an educational, fun and rewarding experience. WISA International is committed to providing our interns with work opportunities within leading Hospitality Chains and companies.

In addition, WISA International takes a personal approach by directly communicating with interns, finding an internship that fully meets their objectives, providing 24/7 support, an orientation upon arrival and a social network including activities. Our dedicated and enthusiastic team is committed to providing our interns and host companies with an equally beneficial and positive experience.
It is our responsibility to know each country very well, before we start providing consulting services to our clients. So we make it a point to personally visit the various nations, meet the department officials and Industry professionals, get an insight into immigration procedures and laws and then counsel our clients"
This is in contrast to other consultants who claim to know everything despite not visiting any of the countries they are offering their services for. Most of the consultants do not even have a clue about the specific lifestyle, culture, career and settlement options that are offered by different countries. They derive their information mostly from the readily available sources such as the Internet. Besides filling up an application form, there is no value addition done by them.
The WISA International team consists of motivated internationally experienced individuals. We differ from other internship provider because we tailor to the intern's field of interest when finding the perfect internship. Our experienced recruiters are capable of placing interns in all career fields of Hospitality. Check out information form our website to see opportunities and programs we provide.
Debo is responsible for liaising with business contacts, as well as the strategic planning , marketing and sales of WISA International. He attends many industry events in observing capacity and uses his multi-lingual skills to handle part of our overseas operations
He is also responsible for the vision and direction of the company . His main focus is new ideas and business opportunities. Prior to founding WISA International he worked in Europe and briefly in USA In his spare time, he enjoys playing tennis, swiming and exploring new places and cultures of the world.
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